Family Restaurant Opens Its Dining Room Doors in Boring

Tourists from Dull, Scotland or travelers to Mount Hood now have the opportunity to stretch their legs and satisfy their hunger at the newly  opened The Not So Boring Bar & Grill located in the center of Boring.

Owners Michael Cooper & his fiancee Victoria Thompson are excited to bring fine family dining  to the area, and are appreciative of the incredible support they have received from throughout the area community.

As you enter through the doors of what has served many purposes over the years, you will immediately sense your’ve come upon the new dining and living room of Boring – a place the entire family is welcome.  Its menu has something for everyone whether it be some mac and cheese or the best 10oz steak.  After your meal you may even want to challenge  your son or daughter or buddy to a pool game.

Stop in for an ultimate breakfast omelet , lunch, dinner or for a night cap soon and discover why Boring is an exciting place even to relax and satisfy your hunger.


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Boring & Dull United on Facebook

It was bound to happen – Boring & Dull, a Pair for the Ages – now united on Facebook with their own Facebook page.   Steve Bates, the fearless & tireless chair of the Boring Community Planning Organization (the Boring CPO) received the following email:

Hi Steve,

I’m the journalist from Scotland who first took up the Dull and Boring story. Don’t know about you, but it was a pretty unforgettable few days when the story first broke. Now the dust has settled, I’ve had time to start a Facebook page. Can you spread the word that the link is there for people to add their thoughts to? It’s a great place for people from Boring to post up photos and thoughts and share a bit with us across the pond.

Wishing you all the best,

Melanie Bonn
Reporter Perthshire Advertiser

So there you have it folks – get over to the Dull-Boring Facebook page and join in the fun as our two communities show the rest of the world how to take deep breaths and enjoy life.

On June 5th, at the regular Boring Community Planning Organization meeting, (7:00pm at the Boring Fire Station),  a motion will be made to finalize this incredibly exciting relationship.  If you are in the area, stop on by and join in this historic pairing.

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