Education on many levels is taken as seriously in Boring as in any community, perhaps even more so than most.  Parent and Community involvement is not only encouraged but welcomed within our community as a whole.

The following Public schools can be found within our area and belong to the Oregon Trail School District 46.

Boring Middle School
27801 SE Dee Street, Boring, OR
Naas Elementary School
12240 SE School Avenue
Boring, OR 97009
Cottrell Elementary School
36225 Proctor Road
Boring, OR 97009
(503) 668-5521
The following Private Schools are found within Boring:

Good Shepherd School (K-8)
28986 Southeast Haley Road, Boring, OR
Hood View Junior Academy
26505 SE Kelso Rd
Boring, OR  97009
(503) 663-4568

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