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You’ve got some time off, on your way to Mount Hood, why not stop for some refreshment  as you drive through Boring, Oregon.  You actually have some some not so boring restaurant and bar options as well as the opportunity to meet some of the exciting local residents.  We welcome drop-ins so there is generally no need to call ahead, but we’ve listed their numbers just in case you want to call and make sure they are open:

The Red Apple 
28300 SE Highway 212, Boring, Oregon
(503) 663-1394
The Not So Boring Bar & Grill
28014 Southeast Wally Road, Boring, Oregon
(503) 663-0581
Rock-A-Deli & Espresso
28104 SE Highway 212, Boring, Oregon
Timber Pub and Grub
28052 SE Highway 212, Boring, OR
(503) 663-6092
Boring Teriyaki & Subs
28104 Southeast Highway 212, Boring, OR
(503) 663-2008
Nuts On Sports Pizza
31265 SE Highway 26, Boring, OR
(503) 663-0622
Mountain View Golf Course Restaurant Lounge
 27195 Southeast Kelso Road, Boring, OR
(503) 663-4869

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