About Boring

1n 1903 the unincorporated area of Boring was named after one of its first residents, W.H Boring.  As an interurban railroad took shape from Portland, Oregon, the area of now known as Boring was covered with virgin timber, timber that would prove to be valuable and helpful in providing crucial energy so that the rails could now provide passenger transportation from Portland to Boring.  Prior to this time,  it was at least a 6 hour horse and buggy trip to Portland, but now, thanks to the  newer electric trolly, the time was reduced to 1 hour.   Within a few short years, the residents of the area built its first school (1904), a new Post Office (1905)  and the community began to take shape.Arial of Boring Oregon in the early days

Today the community of Boring continues to live up to its early history of providing necessary services that benefit the lives of others.  Numerous nurseries are scattered throughout the area providing landscaping stock that is shipped around the country.   Although the railroad no longer runs through town its path (the Springwater Trail) continues to provide enjoyment to cyclists, walkers and runners.   As one drives through the town and notices the prominent auto repair shops, it becomes obvious that the passenger rails have been replaced by the automobile.


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