Throughout the area of Boring you will find many businesses, ranging in sizes from those employing just a handful of people to large corporations  helping keep hundreds of people employed.  Below you will find some of these local nurseries.  Most of the nurseries are open only to Wholesale Customers so check their listings before going to the nursery.

Alpine Nursery
8601 SE Revenue Rd
Boring, OR 97009
(503) 663-5334
Boring Bark
30265 SE 212
Boring, OR 97009
(503) 668-3219


 Patterson Nursery Sales
 14990 SE Orient Dr – Boring, OR
(503) 668-6000


Nelson Hans & Sons Nursery Inc 
31020 SE Waybill Rd
Boring, OR
(503) 663-3348


Diamond Nursery LLC
37621 SE Bear Creek Rd
Boring, OR
(503) 668-3497


Iseli Nursery Inc
30590 SE Kelso Rd
Boring, OR 97009 
(503) 663-3822

 Stanley & Sons Nursery Inc
11740 SE Orient Dr
Boring, OR 97009
(503) 663-4391

John Holmlund Nursery
29285 SE Highway 212
Boring, OR
(503) 663-6650

9500 SE 352nd Aveneu
Boring, OR 97009
(503) 663-5737
Van Meter & Son Nursery Inc
9720 SE 362nd Ave
Boring, OR
(503) 668-5000

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