It’s an Exciting Place – Not a Boring Choice

Winter Snow

Each morning, on a hill above Highway 26,  my wife & I begin our day, coffee in hand, with a view of hundreds of people making their way into work or shopping in Gresham or Portland. Within a short time we will be joining that stream into the city. Over the last 8 years we have noticed a steady increase of morning traffic. We are continuously amazed at the number of people who have chosen to live out here in rural Clackamas county. What brings them away from the city – away from the advantages of inner city Portland life or being able to commute by bike? Why would anyone want to live in a place referred to as Boring? I’m sure there are as many reasons or answers as there are people in these hills. If you do live out here, what are your reasons for choosing the lifestyle of Boring?

Over 8 years ago, my wife and I enjoyed the neighborhood life of the Rose City area in NE Portland. Being able to walk pretty much wherever we wanted to go, whether it be to the LLyod Center or to have a beer at the Horse Brass Pub had become part of our family culture. As a Realtor, I’ve always enjoyed all that Portland has to offer,  and still do to this day.   Having grown up in a rural community,  city life was, and is, fun and convenient. The rural life though never left my blood. Having room for only a few tomato plants, perhaps an eggplant and a small patch of lettuce just never seemed enough. Why could I not have a goat or two – what do you mean I had to close all the curtains or shades in the morning so that the neighbors didn’t have to be embarrassed caught looking? Rural life called & we answered.

Today, as the snow falls, we enjoy our Boring view, the soup made from the fresh produce from out large garden,  watching the goats play, wondering where all the rabbits came from, and knowing that if we choose we are only minutes from a snow-trek on the Springwater Trail. Without any curtains to have to hide behind, we enjoy our Boring life.

Not everyone will hear the call to join us in Boring.  Some will wish to just pass through on their way to Mt. Hood, perhaps enjoy a bowl of soup at the Full Moon, get a chuckle out of our name,  and return to their search for a quality of life in Portland or beyond.    Just know that in Boring, “It’s an exciting place to live.”

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About Norm Rice

Works full time as a Realtor serving the Boring area as well as the Portland metro Area.
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