Boring, Oregon & Dull, Scotland – Bringing the World Together

Throughout the world, the good news has continued to spread – two communities pair up to bring some light-hearted fun, humor and spirit to a world often divided rather than united in commonality.   In the state of Oregon, August 9th will from now on be known as the Boring & Dull Day.  Perhaps we’ve started an international movement – perhaps together we can look towards our common heritages.

Now .. what’s next once that the international press and newsrooms stop spreading the good news?  Keep the spirit alive by wearing the Boring & Dull hat or tee-shirt.  And .. come visit our communities.  You’ll return to your homes less dull and bored.

Order your Boring & Dull apparel  today by clicking here.  As Mr. Bob Boring recently stated: “Let’s just do it – it’s fun”


About Norm Rice

Works full time as a Realtor serving the Boring area as well as the Portland metro Area.
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